About us
Amar Polymers was established in 1978 as a manufacturer of rubber moulding components. Subsequently, Amar diversified into tooling for rubber molding components and expanding the manufacturing process in a big way. In 1990, the company started to focus on the windmill industry and since then, Amar has been a key supplier of several critical components. Taking advantage of its strength to design complex assemblies, Amar began to work with several companies to indigenise some of their key imported components like flexible coupling, anti-vibration mountings etc, from 1995. Amar has established a name in the indigenous manufacture of complex imported components. Amar has been the sole supplier of pitch assemblies and nose cone ceilings, in addition to other components of the nacelle, to Vestas RRB.

Amar Polymers is lead by a team of experienced engineers. The strength of Amar Polymers is its ability to design any engineering assembly with accurate specifications. The company has also earned the reputation of being able to consistently deliver quality products within the agreed time frames. Since 2000, the engineering components industry has shown increased growth. There is also a greater emphasis on indigenising of key components, to reduce overall manufacturing costs and render these companies to become more competitive. Amar takes advantage of this favorable business environment to grow and become an icon for quality indigenisation of complex imported component.

With the motto of “EXCELLENCE IS OUR GOAL”, Amar Polymers serves the engineering industries in rendering its excellence through abundance experience. Amar recorded a turnover of Rs. 2.2 crores for the year ended March 31, 2004 and Rs. 5.2 crores in the following year.

Both these components were designed and developed in-house by Amar based on specifications, and have totally replaced the imported pitch and nose-cones used by Vestas earlier.

Our Prime customers in the filed of wind mill sector, whom we are rendered currently are

  • Vestas RRB INDIA Limited, K.K.Nagar, Chennai.
  • NEG-MICON INDIA Private limited, Sholinganallur, Chennai.
  • NEPC INDIA Limited, Ambattur, Chennai

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